Wednesday, May 21, 2008

June 2nd is D-Day...

Work has been hectic the past several weeks. Both my study schedule for the GMAT examinations and research into potential universities have been hindered by demands at work as we fast approach a May 30th delivery date.

That being said, it would not have been an ideal time to ask for time off anytime recently. I finally saw the right timing to ask my manager for the day I needed to take time off from work to write the GMAT as things seem to be shaping up for an on-time delivery.
Since most of my preparations were already completed for a previous examination date which never happened, I am hoping the lack of study time in the last few weeks should not affect me too negatively. I estimate that I need about 3 days of intense review and mock testing in order to bring me up to examination readiness. Friday 30th May just happens to be a public holiday in Trinidad, so that allowed me to get those three days I needed without needing to take an additional day off from work.

Now all I need to do is go online and book the time on the following Monday that I think will best suit me. June 2nd is now D-Day for GMAT!

June 2nd slots were filled when I went online to register :(
Some luck! I'm looking at a tentative June 6th slot, but I want to wait until the actual June 2nd date I had in mind originally to confirm this since that date is also the launch date of our new product at work. Based on how well the new MessageCentral platform hits the wild (and how many undiscovered bugs get discovered) it would be the best time to decide if the 6th is a good choice.

--UPDATE 2--
It's confirmed - June 7th at 11am has been booked for my GMAT examination....The race to prepare is on!

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