Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Update from VUE

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As was recently posted, the testing centre I attempted to rewrite the GMAT at was unable to accomodate me due to technical difficulties. It took over a week, but I finally got a response from Vue about the position with my examination. Here's the text:

Dear Nissan,
Thank you for informing us of your relocation and your request to reschedule your exam after you have relocated. When you are ready to reschedule your exam, Please contact us referencing incident number xxxxxxxxxx.
Thank you,
Pearson VUE GMAT Customer Service

So I guess I'll be rescheduling my examination in a month or so from London once I've completed my move there.
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Monday, July 14, 2008

We are experiencing technical difficulties

I was to rewrite my GMAT examinations on Friday. My preparations this time were a little less hectic, but just as intense and definitely better directed now that I had the experience of wriitng it once and identifying the areas I knew I definitely was less prepared for. Unfortunately my VUE centre of choice was experiencing "technical difficulties" with their computer systems on the date I set for my rewrite, and they were unable to set me up for the examination that day.
They have indicated that I would be granted a resit date, however I am in the middle of relocating, so a resit date within Trinidad would not be possible as time would not permit it. An incident number was given to me, and I wrote to the Pearson Vue support email address available in my mba.com profile, but currently have no response from them.
In fairness though, it has only been 2 business days, and the incident I would hope was not one that is typical, so I am assuming that the delay is administrative in nature as the evaluate how best to compensate me for the incident.
Still, I believe once I get the approval I will have to delay my rewrite of the GMAT for at least several weeks because of the priority of "moving" logistics.
I will update this particular post with the latest status from Vue on this incident. I am, however, left with a bitter taste in my mouth at the unevaluated preparation effort, as this time could have been more usefully used had I known the test would not have occurred. I am also left with a distrusting feeling when it comes to utilising Trinidad's testing facilities and would definitely rather do my test abroad where hopefully these types of technical issues can be better dealt with in real time so as not to avoid cancellations of tests because of "technical difficulties."