Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Putting MBA dreams on hold for a bit

It's been awhile since I wrote to this blog. Initially I had planned to take a brief hiatus from writing here as I sorted out the logistics of my move to London, including finding stable work and housing.
Unfortunately, just as things seemed to be settling down, it all went into madness again. My mother, having just had surgery, suffered severe complications which forced me to return to Trinidad twice within a matter of weeks.
Sadly, she passed away on November 2nd 2008, and it is only recently I have returned to the UK, again trying to settle into a routine of life, now without one of my main pillars of support.

Life has been a bit too chaotic of recent for me to put a proper effort behind getting into a top-tiered MBA programme, and my mother's passing has also left me asking many questions of myself, and the career I wish to pursue moving forward.
All I have accomplished in my life, all the dreams I pursued, it was always with a goal of proving to my parents that they have in me a son they could be proud of, and their pleased smiles always gave me the confidence in myself to believe I could accomplish anything.

Now that half of that much loved duo is no more, I find myself a little bit emptier inside, and in need of some time to adjust to that new void, to again find the strength to push forward with my MBA dreams.
I hope one day to return to this blog with the fire and drive I had once before, ready to share the challenges, struggles and experiences in my quest to be accepted to a top-tiered MBA programme. But for now, I'll put my MBA dreams, and this blog, on hold as I simply seek to survive through this ordeal.